Pat Parelli


Since his first seminar in 1982, Pat Parelli has revolutionized the horse world by introducing a philosophy, a concept, and a program called Natural Horsemanship. Pat Parelli has presented in front of over 2 million people in 27 countries, has been in over 1,000 magazine articles, and has presented privately for the Queen of England, President Reagan, Tony Robbins, Gene Autry, and Tom Selleck.
Pat Parelli has over 200,000 students in his long distance online learning program called the Savvy Club. With 400 instructors world wide in his Professionals Program, Pat is set out to help make the world a better place for horses and the humans who love them.

Pat Parelli’s focus on preserving real horsemanship and to help you become the person you have always wanted to be with your horse, is what his program is all about. Pat invites you to come see for yourself why he has become the world’s Horseologist and the number one Success Coach for millions of horse lovers worldwide.

When Pat met Linda in Sydney, Australia, she had the problem horse in the clinic! But she became one of his top students. Not only did she subsequently open Parelli office in Sydney and move to the USA to marry Pat, with her background in education, management, seminars and writing she helped him create the now world-famous home study program that has empowered students all over the world, not to mention developed some of the best teachers and popular horsemen and women today.

Pat is a master. Linda is the master’s apprentice. Together they not only make horsemanship skills and savvy available to all who crave it, they directly bridge both Western and English, competitive and non-competitive disciplines.