Official Parelli Auditions

What are Official Parelli Auditions?

Auditions are a great way to progress through the Parelli Program and be awarded for your accomplishments. They are like mile markers, showing your progress through the Levels, and are a fun way to demonstrate your overall savvy, skills, and relationship with your horse. Oftentimes, students get stuck because they do not have a way to measure their progress, and can then become uninspired and unmotivated. The audition program keeps you engaged by giving you tasks and challenges to achieve with your horse, and then celebrates your achievements as you reach each Level.

Auditions are available for Parelli Savvy Club members. They involve using the Seven Games to perform a few required compulsory tasks, and they are designed to allow you some free flow to use your imagination to show us what you can do with your horse. Auditioning is one way to earn an official horsemanship certification in the Parelli Program; when all Savvys are passed at an appropriate Level, you are then awarded a special colored Savvy String, much like the black-belt system in martial arts:

Level 1: On Line – Red Savvy String
Level 2: On Line + FreeStyle – Blue Savvy String
Level 3: On Line + FreeStyle + Liberty – Green Savvy String
Level 4: On Line + FreeStyle + Liberty + Finesse – Black Savvy String

Where Do I Find the Application for Auditions?

There is one application packet for each Savvy (On Line, Liberty, FreeStyle, and Finesse). Included in each application packet are step-by-step instructions on how to complete an audition, a full page of success tips, a Self-Assessment Checklist, an application page, a scorecard, and more!

How Do I Know When I’m Ready to Audition?

Use the Self-Assessment Checklists found in the audition application packets. When you can confidently check off all of the tasks in a certain Level, that’s when you’re ready to audition for that Level.

Do I Need to Be a Member to Audition?

You do need to be a Savvy Club member in order to audition; all membership levels are eligible to complete auditions. Click the button below to become a member today, and in addition to auditions, you’ll gain access to our membership site, Parelli Savvy Club and its library of thousands of educational articles, videos, and Q&As, along with discussion walls and horsemanship tracking programs!

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Audition Testimonial

Dear Auditions Team,

I am excited to be sending in my Level One video. A note: we were assisted by Nancy Slater doing a clinic prior to the taping. I started off with several other ponies during the three days she was here and then decided to work with”Red,” who has never had any Parelli work done with him. This video was done after only several sessions of working with him.

When he goes into the trailer the first time, he accidentally stepped on his rope and – like he should – he yielded to the pressure and backed up and was confused. I almost redid the video at that point, but then decided that the WHOLE point of learning all this is to USE it to help you and your horse. So I played the Squeeze Game in front of the trailer and then he went right in! I felt that was better than a “perfect” video, as it showed I can actually use the games now, not just do it as a rote set of motions. This was exactly what I had hoped to get out of Nancy’s clinic, and I felt that I did! Not only that, but he is now so connected to me that I almost cried at the difference between just having a good pony and being CONNECTED to him.

I’m sure my Level 2 will be to you by summer’s end!

A huge thank you to the Parelli Education Institute for helping us work this all out. Our feet are now firmly on the Parelli path, and my students who Nancy worked with are now actively using it each time they come to ride. Watch out, New Orleans horse people!

Kaye Harris and Molly the Pony

Audition Samples

Below we have added some sample Audition Videos

On Line

Level 1 On Line

Level 1 On Line is all about building a language with your horse on the ground while staying safe. Your equipment acts as a safety net, both in the sense that you can confidently play with your horse without the threat of him running off, and that you will be able to effectively move your horse out of your personal space – an essential aspect of safe horsemanship.

Level 2 On Line

The objective of Level 2 On Line is staying progressive and winning the Seven Games. You will use the 22-foot Line, which improves your connection to your horse at greater distances. You will also incorporate more obstacles and tools, and aim to get better responses while using lighter phases.

Level 3 On Line

In Level 3 On Line, you’ll learn to control your energy more effectively while becoming more creative with your tools and obstacles. Here, the 45-foot Line is introduced, which will not only improve your connection at greater distances, but also prepare you for playing at Liberty.

Level 4 On Line

Level 4 On Line
is all about refinement – the point where respect, impulsion, and flexion come together. As you progress, you will continue to test and refine your bond, to the point that your communication cues are nearly invisible. You will incorporate new tools and become very creative with your patterns, setting the stage for performance in any discipline.


Level 3 Liberty

Here in Level 3 Liberty, your prerequisites are in place and you’re ready to take it to the next level! Your phases will become clearer, your horse will respond to those phases with more precision, and your ability to confidently play the Seven Games without a halter and lead will grow in leaps and bounds.

Level 4 Liberty

In Level 4 Liberty, not only will you confidently and creatively play all Seven Games at greater distances, you will learn to play them with a level of elegance and connection that is truly inspiring. The quality of response you receive from your horse will continue to improve, and your communication cues will be nearly invisible to anyone but your horse. Level 4 Liberty is a thing of beauty.


Level 2 FreeStyle

Level 2 FreeStyle is all about introducing your horse to the Seven Games from the saddle. At this point, ideally you will have played On Line with your horse to the point that both of you are comfortable and confident in your relationship, to the point that introducing the saddle and eventually getting onto your horse’s back is, above all, safe.

Level 3 FreeStyle

Level 3 FreeStyle is all about impulsion, or emotional collection. The main objective of Level 3 is developing a horse that consistently has his emotions under control, while you continue to develop your own skills and knowledge. Your repertoire of tools and patterns will expand, as will your confidence as a rider.

Level 4 FreeStyle

Level 4 FreeStyle is where it all comes together for you and your horse. The skills and positive patterns you develop in Level 4 will prepare you for any discipline you choose to participate in – and no matter what you do, the connection between you and your horse will remain strong, because of the foundation you’ve built together.



Level 4 Finesse

Level 4 Finesse is where you take the building blocks of communication, both from Level 3 and from the other three Savvys, and truly achieve excellence. You will have the essential components of riding with precision, including the importance of developing “feel” while riding, while also reaching new levels of refinement, skill, and connection with your horse. This is truly the culmination of the Parelli Levels Pathway!