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When Linda and Pat Parelli first established the Parelli Centers in 1996, their goal was to create a special place where Parelli students from all walks of life could escape and have only one thing on their mind: horses!

What better escape than to the glorious mountains of southern Colorado or the enchanting estate in Florida that characterizes and dramatically differentiates each Parelli Savvy Center in the USA.

Every year, the courses evolve to reflect the needs of our students; therefore, the educational program is constantly evolving.
Parelli is the most positive and progressive horsemanship program on the planet, and we are deeply committed to leading the industry in horse behavior and empowering horse lovers of every discipline and every level of helping you realize your dream with horses.

Parelli students come here to taste the essence at the source.

You will learn how to be independently strong and to continue to progress in leaps and bounds when you return to your home.

Being here is more than simply accelerating your progress or overcoming stumbling blocks; it is a life-changing experience.
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Recreational & Progressive Courses

Some people don’t want to take years to build proficient skills with horses. They want it now!
When you can totally immerse yourself day in and day out for a whole week, the change in your confidence and aptitude is profound. The focus is on being Savvy and Safe so that you can begin having real fun with your horse, which is why you first got into horses, isn’t it?


Special Focus Courses

Students like you come from all over the world. Your passion for self-development to become the kind of human your horse loves to be around and to partner in the dance of riding.
Each of these courses has a specialized focus from equine psychology to better riding to maximizing adventure rides together on the trail. Our programs are designed to teach you the requisite skills, but they also develop the intangibles—focus, feel, timing, savvy—which are what most horsemen believe that you must be born with and that they cannot be taught.


Intensive Courses

Explore your mental, emotional, and physical potential. Only a rare percentage of Parelli students achieve Level 4. If this is you, then it is clear that you have set your goals high and perhaps aim to be a professional instructor and trainer. On the other hand, you may not have professional goals, but you are driven to achieve excellence in everything that you are passionate about in life including your horsemanship. Hold on tight because you’re in for an amazing ride.The Intensive Courses are as much an attitudinal and philosophical approach as they are technical. We explore the Four Savvys in great detail with concentration on perfecting each step along the way. So much more will start to make sense and come to fruition with a new level of excellence. You will sow seeds that continue to ripen for years and years to come. This course accelerates the Level 3 student’s journey to Level 4.


Master Class Courses

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Customized Courses

Did you know that you can design your own course here at the Parelli Center? Your Study Circle or group of friends can have the experience of a lifetime with a course specially tailored to your needs and desires.
Choose one or two weeks (or more), and decide how many of you wish to attend—as riders and auditors. It’s that simple!