Australia Centre

50 Lisa Road
Wilton, New South Wales, Australia

What do we offer at the Australian Parelli Centre?

  • A purpose built facility for horses and humans. With a supportive team, highly trained coaches that enable people to become the leader, horse handler, trainer and rider your horse needs.
  • Our teaching is based on you understanding ‘horse behaviour’ and learning how to ‘read a horse’ your horse!
  • A community of horse lovers that support each other, some have recreational goals others have more specific competition or higher level aspirations, everyone is welcome!
  • Clinics, longer Courses, Workshops, Club Days for Members to use the purpose built facility, Open Days, Kids Clinics and Free Demos!
  • Neil Pye, Pat & Linda’s most Senior and experienced Instructor, is your resident Head Coach and Ambassador of Education will oversee your journey!
  • Instruction from highly trained Parelli Professionals’ hand picked’ for their skills and knowledge to teach specific Clinics and Courses of various lengths.
  • All events are sanctioned by Parelli Natural Horsemanship TM congruent with the Colorado and Florida Campus and with Pat Parelli’s endorsement, additionally a training Centre for aspiring Instructors and Horse Development Specialists.

2017 Australia Centre
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If you have any questions about the Parelli Centre Australia please call the team on +61 (0) 2 4630 9677