Linda Parelli Masterclass

The breakthroughs and transformations you’ll make go way beyond riding!

If you LOVE finesse, fluidity, liberty, leadership, psychology, behavior, horsenality, humanality, emotional fitness and personal growth, you will LOVE spending two weeks with Linda!

The subjects are compelling and the idea of being part of this may even feel a little daunting, but Linda makes the most challenging elements feel easy.

She is the master of simulations to build your confidence and skills before you try it with your horse.

2-week course topics:
• Horse behavior & psychology
• Horsenality
• Liberty
• Finesse Training Sequence
• The Precision Box
• Fluidity
• Problem solving & goal setting
• Strategies for continuing progress
• Emotional Fitness
• Balance, seat, posture, position and polish
• Horse posture and muscling


If you experience any difficulties with downloading the application, or have any questions about this course,
please contact Gale Weber at 970-731-6177 or