Recreational & Progressive


Some people don’t want to take years to build proficient skills with horses. They want it now!
When you can totally immerse yourself, day in, day out, for a whole week the change in your confidence and knowhow is profound. The focus is on being Savvy and Safe so you can start having real fun with your horse, which is why you first got into horses isn’t it?


Combine Your Courses to Stay Longer!

Did you know that two weeks here at the epicenter of natural horsemanship is the equivalent of two years at home?
You can combine two, three or all four of these courses for an amazing experience that will catapult you to new heights of horsemanship.

Design Your Own Course!

Did you know, you can design your own course here at the Parelli Center? Your Study Circle or group of friends can have the experience of a lifetime with a course specially tailored to your needs and desires.
Choose one or two weeks (or more) and decide how many of you wish to attend – as riders and auditors. It’s that simple!

Some ideas:

  • All Things Liberty!
  • Tall Stories & Trail Adventures
  • Horsenality & Humanality
  • More Fun & Trick Training!
  • Transformations in Confidence
  • Make up your own!
    Note: International language courses are available in German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Swedish… and more!