Advancing Four Savvys

Imagine the relationship with your horse being stronger, deeper and more mutually rewarding. THIS is the goal.

As Pat’s wife, Linda, said 20 years ago…“I don’t want to do cool stuff with my horse if my horse doesn’t enjoy it as much as I do!” Too many people get goal-oriented and forget to put the relationship first with their horse. They get technical and don’t use psychology. In this course you’ll learn how to avoid this trap, strengthen your bond, polish your skills and begin to discover exuberance!

2-week course topics:
• All Things Liberty!
• Tall Stories & Trail Adventures
• Horsenality & Humanality
• More Fun & Trick Training
• Transformations in Confidence
• Make up your own!
• Level 4 Ground Skills
• Level 3-4 Riding
(FreeStyle & Finesse)
• Level 4 Liberty
• Bridleless Riding
• Rider refinement
• Precision Patterns
• Lateral movements
• Collecting Exercises
• Simple and Flying Changes
• Imagineering


If you experience any difficulties with downloading the application, or have any questions about this course,
please contact Gale Weber at 970-731-6177 or