Forming The Partnership
(Getting Started)

Some people don’t want to take years to build proficient skills with horses. They want it now!

When you can totally immerse yourself, day in, day out, for a whole week, the change in your confidence and knowhow is profound. The focus is on being Savvy and Safe so you can start having real fun with your horse, which is why you first got into horses isn’t it?

1-week course topics:
• Level 1-2 ground skills
• Level 2 riding skills
• Horse behavior & psychology
• Horsenality
• Obstacles & Water Crossing
• Level 1 graduation!*


If you experience any difficulties with downloading the application, or have any questions about this course,
please contact Gale Weber at 970-731-6177 or

If you are inquiring about Courses and Clinics in Australia, please contact the Parelli Centre Australia at +61 2 4630 9677 or

*Level 1 Graduation is only available in week-long courses