Refining The Relationship

As your horsemanship skills progress, what now becomes important is your ability to train creatively. And your riding skills need to move to the next level of balance and effectiveness.

This course is the one that will help you cross the bridge between novice and advanced riding. It will make sure you and your horse don’t get stuck in the evergreen rut!

1-week course topics:
• Level 3+ Ground Skills
• Level 2-3 Riding (FreeStyle)
• Level 3 Liberty
• Quality Transitions
• Canter Leads and simple changes
• Lateral movements
• Group riding skills
• Creative horsemanship
• Beginning precision & Finesse
• Refining your aids
• Rider balance, posture and position


If you experience any difficulties with downloading the application, or have any questions about this course,
please contact Gale Weber at 970-731-6177 or