Finesse Without Stress

FreeStyle teaches you natural balance and control without using your reins, and Finesse teaches you about feel.

Why is it that FreeStyle feels so good but, when you pick up the reins to ride with more finesse, you both struggle? That awful tension, stiffness, crookedness and trouble with the bit changes your smile to a frown…

If you only ride on loose reins, you are doing yourself and your horse a disfavor. Here’s why…

It also helps you become more skilled and polished in your technique, which is something other people notice. Your horse loves that too – so long as it’s combined with feel.

As you learn to offer a better posture as a rider, your horse is encouraged to move in a more balanced and healthy way, improving self-carriage and muscling because you learn how to float into collection.

Because of Linda Parelli’s breakthrough concepts of the Finesse Training Sequence and The Precision Box focused on in this course, enjoy Finesse without stress!

1-week course topics:
• Long lining
• The Finesse Training Sequence
• The Precision Box
• Polishing your balance, posture and position
• Powerful simulations
• Secrets of an effective seat
• Horse posture and muscling

Prerequisites: Advanced Level 2+


If you experience any difficulties with downloading the application, or have any questions about this course,
please contact Gale Weber at 970-731-6177 or