The Complete Natural Rider Makeover

There is something exhilarating and incredibly fulfilling about being beautifully balanced and in harmony with your horse.

When Linda first rode with Pat Parelli in 1989, he gave her this sage advice: “I know you love dressage, but I want you to pretend you never saw a dressage rider before. First you have to be natural, part of your horse. From there you can shape it into anything you want but without losing that naturalness.”

If you interview the horse (maybe your horse), what kind of feedback do you think you’d get? OUCH!

Here’s to looking at riding from the horse’s point of view and lerning how to take what feels very unnatural to us to finally making sense and feeling good to our horse.

Many riders never find that feeling because they are too focused on their technique rather than the overall goal of moving as one with their horse and then having their horse move as one with them – with smiles on both of your faces!

We call this course a “makeover” because the changes in you and your horse are astonishing. Just ask your horse when you’re done!

• Banishing the brace (in both you and your horse!)
• Fluidity, posture, position and balance
• Powerful simulations
• Confidence & Competence
• FreeStyle flow
• Finesse elegance
• Inviting your horse into harmony
• Exploring the different gaits
• Secrets of smooth transitions
• Polishing your style

Choose your course:
• Elementary (Level 1-2 equivalent)
• Advanced (Level 3-4 equivalent)


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