Level 2 – Proficient

The Parelli System

The goal of Level 2 is to advance your handling skills (ground skills) and introduce your horse to better behavior under saddle. You learn how to develop a more calm and responsive horse both on the ground and riding.

Study the Parelli System

How have Pat and Linda changed people’s lives with horses? By being accessible anywhere, anytime on DVD and through your electronic and mobile devices!

All over the world, people like you become passionate about learning to be great with horses, and not just for safety and more enjoyment, for the horse’s sake and quality of life too. But only a relative few can get with Pat or Linda in person.


Join the Parelli Program

The Parelli Savvy Club offers a topic-by-topic, lesson-by-lesson Pathway to the Parelli Levels Program for you to follow with every horse in your life. In addition this powerful tool, you’ll have support of our Learning Library, with over 20 years of our Educational Materials archived as well as a worldwide community of support, with your own Profile, Groups and Forums to discuss your progress with likeminded, horse-lovers just like you!


Four Savvys – On Line

For hundreds of thousands of students, On Line (playing on the ground with ropes of varying lengths) has proven to be the most successful entry point into the Savvys.

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Four Savvys – FreeStyle

FreeStyle (riding on a loose rein) introduces the fundamentals of riding and sets the stage for everything from trail riding to performance sports and beyond. Simply put, riding begins with FreeStyle.

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Level 2 – Liberty

In order to be successful as you begin playing at Liberty, it’s essential that you have your prerequisites in place. That’s what this DVD set is all about: preparing you for Liberty. The Seven Games, which you first introduced On Line, will ensure that you’ve got a dialogue with your horse. Once you’ve got a mental, emotional, and physical connection with your horse, it’s time for Liberty!

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Level 2 – Freestyle

FreeStyle Level 2 is all about introducing your horse to the Seven Games from the saddle. At this point, ideally you will have played On Line with your horse to the point that both of you are comfortable and confident in your relationship, to the point that introducing the saddle and eventually getting onto your horse’s back is, above all, safe.

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Level 2 – On Line

The objective of Level 2 is staying progressive and winning the Seven Games. You will introduce the 22-foot Line, which improves your connection to your horse at greater distances. You will also incorporate more obstacles and tools, and aim to get better responses while using lighter phases.

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