Linda Parelli


“I have noticed a lot of people are stuck, not necessarily in their horsemanship, but in their progress as riders. If this is you, then it’s time to bring your riding skills up in line with your passion for good horsemanship. I’ll teach you to become a better leader, more confident, focused, balanced, and savvy so that your horse can be happier too!”

If you love Finesse, fluidity, Liberty, leadership, psychology, behavior, horsenality, humanality, emotional fitness, and personal growth, then you will love spending a whole week (or even two!) with Linda.

Courses with Linda

The subjects are compelling, and the idea of being part of this may even feel a little daunting, but Linda makes the most challenging elements feel easy. She is the master of simulations to build your confidence and skills before you try it with your horse as well as the breakthroughs and transformations that you will make go way beyond riding.


MasterClasses with Linda

“As I’ve been traveling and teaching these past years I helped people get unstuck, make more progress, become better riders and leaders. It’s also important to know how to apply equine psychology rather than use force to overcome problems with unmotivated, lazy, and unenthusiastic horses as well as tense, nervous ones—both on the ground and while riding.”

Linda’s teaching specialties are in Equine Psychology and Behavior, Horsenality, Fluidity, Finesse, Leadership, and Liberty. The knowledge that she has to share with you will take you from good to great. Learning with Linda, you will experience the dramatic transformations in only a couple of days as she shows you how to arrive at the root of what is not working and exactly what you need to do to fix it.



Like Pat, Linda is an engaging speaker. Her expertise with both horses and people is undeniable, and she is warm, approachable, and funny! Her appearances at expos and events before thousands of people cover interesting topics such as:

  • The Good Horse/Bad Horse Test
  • My Rider Made Me Do It!
  • Horsenality: All Horses Are NOT The Same
  • Amazing Rider Makeovers.