Linda Parelli is not only Pat’s best student, she is the co-designer of the Parelli Program. Her expertise and passion for teaching adds a special dimension to the incredible horse-behavior based approach Parelli is famous for.

Her specialties are in Equine Psychology and Behavior, Horsenality, Fluid Riding, Finesse, Leadership and Liberty, and what she has to share with you will take you from good to great. As Linda says, “What I really love is the dramatic transformations you’ll see in just two days as I know how to get to the root of what’s not working and exactly what you need to do.”

How would your horse rate you as a rider?
What do others see when they watch you ride?
Are you as confident and skilled as you’d like to be?
Are you as polished and effective with your seat as you’d like to be?

And let’s talk about psychology…
Are you really using psychology to teach and motivate your horse?
How would your horse rate you as a teacher and leader?

A lot of people are stuck, not necessarily in their horsemanship but in their progress as a rider.  Its time to bring your riding skills up in line with your passion for good horsemanship! The same applies to really knowing how to use psychology to overcome problems with unmotivated, lazy and unenthusiastic horses as well as tense, nervous ones – both on the ground and riding.  Do you know what it means to truly cause it to be the horse’s idea?

No matter what level you are, you’ll walk away with renewed passion, enthusiasm and skills you can apply right away.  Let’s get you looking as good as you feel on a horse, and really getting into your horse’s mind and heart.

“Linda is an amazing instructor. She is able to adapt to everyone’s level and teach in a way that stretches you but keeps you in a learning frame of mind. The instruction I got from her was so fantastic. It was way more than I expected and was beyond anything I could of imagined with instruction. I learned so much! Thank you, Linda, for taking the time to teach us and for your dedication!”

“Linda is an excellent teacher. She was incredibly understanding and patient with those of us who lack confidence – the rider and the horse. Her gentle manner allowed me to relax and take the information and process it. Thanks!”

“Linda’s ability to teach at each person’s level is awesome. She inspires you to do better, think more, and feel for the horse. She is the best instructor I have ever had.” 

“This was one of the best courses I have ever taken. Linda is always watching us, helping us, instructing us, and correcting us – Loved this course! I learned lots of new things, instead of “the same ol’ thing”. I loved her simulations – heck this was a GREAT class.”