Pat Parelli


Pat Parelli has been sharing the art of influencing horses, so they become perfect partners for people for over three and half decades. He has traveled to 27 different countries and had over 200,000 students in his long-distance horse training program. Below you will find a variety of ways by which you can study with Pat Parelli himself.Please check out his menu of options and find the ones best for you.

Courses with Pat

Pat Parelli personally teaches courses on his Colorado and Florida campuses, most of which are one week long. There are two types of courses: Master Classes, the Basics and Beyond. This is intended to help you on your journey before, during, and after level four in his system. Pat also teaches specialty courses such as:

  • Weanlings to Winner’s Circle
  • First Rides to Foundation
  • Everything you Want to Know About Influencing Cattle on Horseback but Were Afraid to Ask

Note: Pat’s Courses, Clinics and Events are recommended for confident riders who want to learn at an accelerated rate.


Master Class Clinics with Pat

Can you imagine learning with Pat in person? It’s a rare opportunity and an incredible experience to be coached by world class experts because he can cut straight to the heart of what’s not working, transform your relationship and results, and accelerate your progress towards your goals.
Discover your potential at a Parelli Master Class.


Success Coaching

When it comes to success coaching Pat Parelli is often heard saying your place or mine, Short stay or long? Are you looking for a one on one coaching situation or one of his resident student learning opportunities? Pat also offers a variety of unique Learning situations such as:

  • Young Trainer Program
  • Vocational Student Program
  • Continued Education for
    Current Parelli Professional Instructors

Events with Pat

There is nothing like being ringside and seeing Pat or Linda with a horse whether it’s one of their super horses or another horse.
Watching them transform riders and their horses is even better, but being one of those people is the best.
Find an event, expo, or Master Class with Pat and Linda around the world. Click here; be there!